Strap on/Toy play/Stretching

Have you ever been interested in the ultimate power exchange?  Mistress Lauren's dungeon is well stocked with dildos of every size in 1 inch increments, starting at 5 inches all the way up to 12 inches for her to attach to her custom-made, one of a kind harness. There's no other harness like it; it's height adjustable so that She can comfortably accommodate a submissive of every height and size. Mistress Lauren can handle submissives with any level of experience (especially with first-timers) and knows what your slutty submissive slut ass craves. When She's done with you, you'll feel like a pile of jelly and have a big smile on your face. :]

Spanking (Sensual, Punishment, Correctional, etc)

Mistress Lauren may be a Mistress, but She is also a very experienced disciplinarian who LOVES to spank naughty boys and girls. She is located close to the downtown Orlando area with a two room amazing private play space (for her exclusive use), and has over 10 years experience dealing with you dirty boys and girls that are in need of a spanking, whether correctional, discipline, punishment, a maintenance spanking, or just someone wanting a good old fashioned spanking.  Her favorite, of course, is either an OTK or over the lap sensual spanking, but she's quite seasoned at delivering a sound harsh spanking to address what you did to merit Her placing you over Her knee. She utilizes recitations, confessions, lecturing and corner time to "reflect" on why you are being spanked so that your encounter will resonate that you were naughty and so that you will learn to behave appropriately (until your next mistake!). The Mistress has every implement imaginable from her hand (and she has a heavy hand as she's am quite strong) to an abundance of wooden spoons, straps, paddles, canes, crops, floggers, etc. that she has acquired almost exclusively from www.cane-iac.com,  as she finds their implements to be of the best quality and not one of their implements have ever broken or failed her.  YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED. YOU NEED TO BE CORRECTED, YOU NEED TO BE SPANKED AND SHE IS THE ONE. GET IT OVER WITH AND FACE YOUR MUCH NEEEDED AND WELL DESERVED SPANKING. Role play spankings are acceptable but she does not participate in long, drawn out scripted scenes. Give the Mistress an idea of the type of role play you seek, and follow her lead as she's very creative. 

Body Worship/Goddess Worship/Muscle Worship

Mistress Lauren is truly a Goddess who takes impeccable care of her body, from her glistening long silky hair to her perfectly pedicured kissable toes.  You will find she has a body worth worshiping. Mistress Lauren doesn't prefer to dress up for sessions, she is more comfortable displaying her gorgeous body around while she plays with you. If you treat her right, she may allow you the honor of showing you just how she wants you to worship her wonderful body. Goddess Worship is a privilege Mistress Lauren only allows her very favorite subs.

Golden Showers

You know you have truly been dominated when you worship the Golden Nectar from your one true Domina.  Mistress Lauren enjoys water sports in many fashions.  Open wide and show your dedication.


Mistress Lauren loves to humiliate you by forcing you to be vocal about whatever type of sub you are.  Are you a pathetic loser?  Cum hungry sissy slut?  Piss guzzling human toilet?  Whatever your submissive position, your Mistress will remind you of it regularly and be damned well sure you don't forget.

Sounding (with or without electrical)

Tie and Tease (orgasm control)


Other Specialties

  • D/S [Domination/Submission] Power Play
  • Foot Worship
  • Cock and Ball Torture
  • Nipple Torture
  • Needle Play
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Trampling
  • Torture (clips, clamps, and compelling innovations)
  • Face sitting / Smothering
  • Electrical Play
  • Chastity / Key holding
  • Psychological Domination
  • Sissy Slut Training
  • Puppy Play
  • Public Humiliation
  • Diaper wearing humiliation
  • Role Play
  • Bondage
  • Sensation Play (Wax, Ice, Menthol)
  • Mummification
  • Tickling
  • Enema Play
  • Findomme - Mistress Lauren will NOT participate in Blackmail


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