Mistress Lauren is pleased to announce the addition of Mistress Gianna and Mistress Zema joining her for double time sessions. Don't miss out, this is a golden opportunity! Additional Mistresses can be booked with advance notice and additional tribute. Pictures of the additional Mistresses are to be requested to Mistress Lauren.

Mistress Lauren always appreciate gifts from her loyal subbies, whether local or from afar. If you desire to serve the mistress yet are unable to do so, you can show your devotion and appreciation for the Sexy Goddess that she is by purchasing gift cards for the Mistresses shopping joy.  The links are listed below. Any gift is greatly appreciated and will make the Mistress EXTREMELY happy and it is all about serving the Mistress, isn't it?  Mistress Lauren also loves Macy's, and refers to it as her 'Mothership'.  Macy's and Coach are the Mistresses favorite gift certificates to receive, but is appreciative of gifts on any level.  Gift cards are to be sent to her email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are two preferred places for payment, linked below: Giftrocket (tribute button) and Venmo (V  button). Mistress Lauren's venmo username is mistressorlando.

 Tributes can also be sent on the following sites:

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