Mistress Lauren is currently in-between Dungeons. For the present month, Miss Lauren's dungeon is unavailable due to the fact that it is being relocated to the Deltona,  Florida area. It should be completed within the next month and it will be Her best dungeon yet as new equipment will be added to make it even more fun!

Until Miss Lauren's dungeon is ready, She is offering outcalls in the Daytona and Orlando areas.  Tributes (gifts) begin at $250.00 and up for the first hour (contingent upon how far Miss Lauren needs to travel to bring the fun to you).  Additional hours are $150.00 and up depending on distance.  See Sessions and Rates page as to how to present your Tribute to the Mistress.  Call or email Miss Lauren to discuss scheduling and what your tribute will be (along with what equipment needs to be brought) to the session in addition to her already well equipped toy bag to make your experience something you will NEVER forget.  Follow the directions as Miss Lauren will not discuss her gift upon her arrival.

For discretionary purposes, Mistress Lauren will never return a missed call from an unknown number unless a voicemail is left requesting a callback.  Mistress Lauren does not leave a paper trail for the protection of her subs/clients.  Mistress Lauren does not collect numbers or e-mail addresses for mass-texts or mass-emails.  Mistress Lauren does not run specials or quickies, so do not bring it up.  Mistress Lauren does not discuss rates over the phone.  For current rates, see the Sessions page, follow the instructions and do the math on how much your session will cost.  

Show respect to Mistress Lauren when you contact her.  Starting a conversation with 'hey baby', 'hey honey', etc will cause an immediate hang up from the Mistress.  Mistress Lauren is not your baby or honey and if you desire Her time, you will address Her appropriately.  

Before contacting Mistress Lauren, please review this whole site and find out what you would like to experience.  Refer to the Meet the Mistress page for Mistress Lauren's Hard Limits and don't request anything that is specifically mentioned.

If Mistress Lauren does not get back with you, she may be out of the country on travel.  Patiently await a response.  Trust me, she is worth the wait.

Contact Mistress Lauren at:

Phone/Text: (407) 235-6998
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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